Roam Smarter

eNomad™  helps you relocate in a smarter and easier way
wherever you roam to, for work, study or just fun.
More than an app: eNomad™ is a lifestyle.
Be part of the digital nomads revolution!


Now you know where it is most convenient
to relocate to. Just with your thumb.


designed for digital nomads

48 categories including co-working,
gym, laundromat, hairdresser, atm.

wheel-based design

easy interface, multiple selection, just
with one thumb.

streamlined information

essential user's reviews on services,
without information overload.

stay close to what you need

check if a location is well served,
before you book hotel or flat.

eNomad's Community

Whether you are a freelancer, a co-worker or a traveler:
share your fabulous story and engage with us:
#enomadlife #enomadapp @enomadapp

eNomad™ wants to help raise
global awareness for the new work revolution
that empowers people by making them choose to work and live
from anywhere it makes them happy.

Press & Media

Write, film and broadcast about the eNomad's generation.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Contact us.


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